Semalt: How To Scrape Email Addresses From Websites For Free

An email extractor is the type of software that is primarily used for extracting the email addresses from online and offline sources. Such a tool can easily generate large numbers of email addresses in a matter of minutes and can ease your work to an extent. The email extractors serve useful purposes such as in email marketing campaigns and are used get rid of spam emails. In some circumstances, the search engines use email extractors to scrape authentic and genuine email IDs from the websites and blogs. The email extractors can easily detect and eliminate the duplicate messages, have the user-friendly interface, high-speed performance and are easy-to-use.

If you have been looking for an email extractor for weeks and have not found the reliable tool, then you might be interested in the following options.

1. Atomic Email Hunter

One of the salient features of Atomic Email Hunter is that it is a high-speed and accurate email extractor. This tool is capable of retrieving hundreds of email IDs while doing the in-depth search on the computer. It primarily navigates through different web pages, generates a file where your email addresses are written, and scrapes the collected data with just a few clicks.

You can easily integrate Atomic Email Hunter with other similar applications and send out emails or messages to a large list of recipients instantly. This service helps businessmen reduce the efforts and time in the search for contacts. It helps you get in touch with the potential customers and improves the overall quality of your email marketing campaigns.

2. Email Extractor

Just like Atomic Email Hunter, Email Extractor is the powerful email extraction extension for Chrome. It automatically fetches the valid email addresses from the internet, and you can copy and paste those IDs to a text or CSV file easily. One of the most distinctive features of this tool is that it can discover all hidden email addresses for a particular domain name. For instance, if you want to find out the email IDs of people working at ABC company, you can use Email Extractor to get your work done.

In countries like USA and Canada, spam emails are a significant problem. With Email Extractor, you can easily get rid of useless, spam or meaningless emails or messages. This tool automatically detects and eliminates the unnecessary messages and helps you improve your online experience to an extent.

3. Mozenda as an Email Extraction Tool

Mozenda can also be used to scrape email addresses from both simple and dynamic websites. A targeted email list is your first step towards the success of an email campaign. With Mozenda, you can easily target a large number of sites and scrape their email addresses and phone number.

This tool will comfortably harvest or collect hundreds of relevant email IDs for you and doesn't require any programming skills or technical knowledge. Unlike other parsing based data or web scraping software, Mozenda uses a browser rendering technology and allows us to scrape data from the entire or partial website conveniently.

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